In spring 2021, graduate students and post-docs were invited to participate in biweekly miniseries entitled Voices of STEM: Communication for Early Career Scientists and Engineers. Guest speakers from Princeton and beyond focused on

  • Pitching your research in a way that wows the audience.
  • How to unleash your creativity and discover the art in science. 
  • How to discover your unique persona in your STEM career.

Guest speakers included:

  • Crystal LeeEditor at Princeton Insights.     
  • Rebekah RashfordWriter at Princeton Insights
  • Ingrid Ockert *18, Writer, science consultant and researcher on science communication
  • Sam Nastase, Postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University
  • Tianxia XiaoPrinceton CHM G3, organizer of 2019 "Scholarly Communication with Friends and Family" workshop
  • Alice Stanton, Biomaterial engineer at MIT, artist, founder of STEMxx chats
  • Amara Leonard, Improv Workshop
  • Yang Li, Princeton HOS G4, researcher on science development in early PR China
  • Daniel SteinbergDirector of Education Outreach, Princeton Center for Complex Materials

Find most of the videos on YouTube and Media Central.