Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

by Larry Loprete '19, Adhitya Raghavan '20, and Mark Skepasts '21

Life is a journey filled with challenges and rewards, decisions and choices, that actively shape and redefine our experience. In the pursuit of our goals and ambitions, we often find ourselves travelling directly into the unknown.

Into the Unknown is a life-size, immersive, personal experience that expresses these beliefs and leaves participants thinking about the decisions that accompany life. We venture out into the unknown every day, not knowing what awaits, but with goals in mind. Yet, distractions abound in the world around us, confusing us, and make it difficult to know what to pay attention to and how to interpret the world around us.

You will enter the room blindfolded and must use you other senses to complete tasks and interpret the world. Sound might paint a picture, touch might help you see, smell might respond to sound, visuals might evoke a mood... Specific details cannot be explained here – you must enter the room and experience the journey for yourself. After all, you can not be given a timeline detailing the events of your life – you must experience, and craft, your story firsthand.

Through the experience, you will be encouraged to rethink the way you learn about the world and to pay careful attention to your surroundings. We hope to intrigue, puzzle, and invoke a sense of accomplishment in visitors. But most importantly, we want you to enjoy the experience. After all isn’t life all about having fun in the moment?

And in the end, after it’s all said and done, what will you accomplish...