Transformations in Engineering and the Arts

STC 209 Faculty Perspective

STC209 Student Perspective

STC 209 examines “transformations” within and between visuals, sound, structure and movement as art and engineering forms. The course explores generative art and design that leverages parallels and interplay between design processes in engineering and the arts. Students will learn to work as artist-engineers, and will create ambitious open-ended design projects exploring these themes. STC 209 is taught by faculty from CST, CEE, COS, MAE, MUS, along with visiting artists, and guest faculty from the Lewis Center for the Arts. All students will engage with the same course content and be expected to complete the same assignments; however, students may elect to register for STC 209A (LA) or STC 209B (SEL).

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Course Faculty:

Sigrid Adriaenssens
Adam Finkelstein
Penelope Georges
Naomi Leonard *sabbatical leave Spring 2022
Jeffrey Snyder

Participating Faculty:

Jane Cox
Jeff Whetstone
Martha Friedman
A.M. Homes
Aynsley Vandenbroucke
Rebecca Lazier
Dan Trueman
Susan Marshall