SEN/SEL Designation

Princeton A.B. students must fulfill several general education requirements, including two Science and Engineering courses, one with a lab (SEL) and a second course that can be taken without a lab (SEN). The Council on Science and Technology ensures that courses designated SEL or SEN are innovative, engaging, and scientifically rigorous.  Through these courses, we hope that all students will learn content, skills, and habits of mind to be able to engage in science and engineering studies in meaningful ways.  

CST grants the SEL and SEN designation to science and engineering courses that are appropriate for students concentrating in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Courses that are designed for only natural science or engineering students are approved by ODOC. Faculty members may request that new or existing courses be designated as an SEL or SEN. 

To request an SEL or SEN designation from the Council for a new course, please submit the following additional materials to the Office of the Dean of the College through the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management System as part of the CAP/CUP submissions process:

  • Brief statement discussing alignment of course objectives to SE Goals. Note that courses will likely address either Scientific Practices or Engineering Practices.
  • The statement should also highlight places where the course may not be aligned with the SE Goals.
  • Course Syllabus, including course objectives, a list of readings, and a description of representative assignments

To request an SEL or SEN designation for an existing course or if you are seeking dual designation (i.e., SEL or SEN with another general education designation, such as LA), contact Sami Kahn at

If you would like assistance with aligning course objectives to the SE Learning Goals, please contact us well in advance of the deadline. CST staff can assist you in preparing the requested materials. For all applications, a member of our staff will contact you for additional information once your SE request has been received. The CST staff member will then present your course to the Council, who makes final decisions about SEN/SEL designations.