There Might Be Others with Sō Percussion

At 6pm on Thursday, April 12th, in the Murphy Dance Studio at the Lewis Center for the Arts, there will be a performance of There Might Be Others, a dance + music + engineering collaboration. There Might Be Others examines the role of presence, performer agency, and collective decision-making to create emergent composition. The performance will feature New York dancers, Princeton alumni dancers, So Percussion and guests.

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Visual Music

At 1:30pm on Friday, April 13, in the Friend Center Convocation Room, experience Visual Music, an immersive multimedia performance collaboration by composer/vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon (Music Composition, IHUM ’20) and live visualist, software designer, and intermedia graphics artist Joshue Ott (Interval Studios, Brooklyn), creator of hitiOS apps Thicket, snowDrift, 3Draw, and variant:SONiC. Read more...

Boora Yoon        Joshue Ott     

Living at the Intersection Symposium
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