Equipment Checkout


Interested in exploring off-the-shelf immersive media tools? Check out this fun starter kit, featuring an overview of introductory level technology for 360 video, VR content creation, and real time 3D capture!


Gaming Laptop

Featuring an MSI gaming laptop with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti, this VR ready laptop is designed for gaming, game development, motion graphics and animation. The portable and versatile laptop ships with a fresh install of Windows 10 + a suite of software tools for immersive media development.


Depth Camera

A contemporary version of the Kinect, this depth camera has novel applications across a variety of professions.


Pico Projector

The kit also includes a Pico Project, for use in ideation, creative development or just as an external display! Connect the Pico easily to the HDMI out in order to


360 Camera

The super portable and super powerful Ricoh THETA is great for experiments in VR video and 360 streaming content.


Sphero Robot

Very fun and cool toy for exploring robotics and programming


USB-C Monitor

One cable for power and video signals. Also, it's a touch screen

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable single-board computer. Its popularity has lead to a massive online community and a wealth of resources for self-guided learning.

Sewing Machine

Perfect for craftspeople or DIY enthusiasts to use at home. Equipped with lighting lamp and thread cutter to provide better sight and more convenient thread cutting.