3D Print-by-Mail Service

Free 3D Printing?!

StudioLab is offering a 3D Print-By-Mail service, free of charge to Princeton students. The service will continue during the summer for on-campus students only, with shipments to your Frist mailbox (or local addresses for grad students).



  • Currently enrolled Princeton students
  • Personal, class, senior thesis, or independent work projects only 
  • One request at a time


All attempts will be made to honor international requests, but shipping may not always be possible. Additionally, we can't support courses that wish to use our service as part of an assignment.

Technical Specifications

Size: Your print should be under 30 cubic inches, or about the size of a softball. We accept multi-part submissions if they cumulatively fit within this size limit. 

Materials: Standard materials are PLA and ABS plastics. We offer a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

Supports: If you are familiar with support scaffolding, freestanding parts are preferred.  

Lead Time

We process requests every Thursday. For the fastest printing and shipping times, request  a standard material and color. Generally, deliveries can take up to 3 weeks. 

If your print falls outside of our technical specifications, we may reach out to you to discuss the details. The print may take longer than normal to ship, because of this.

Photo Sharing and Community

Once you've received the shipment, share a photo of your print or project (and see what everyone else is printing!) on the "3D-Print-By-Mail channel of StudioLab's fantastic Slack Community (be sure to "browse all channels" if "3D-Print-by-Mail" isn't shown as one of your defaults).

If you don't wish to share with everyone, no worries, just send a photo of your print or project to studiolab@princeton.edu with "3D Print-by-Mail photo" as the subject line. We may use your photo on our website or in other promotional materials unless you indicate that you do not wish for it to be used. 

New to 3D Printing?

No problem. We'll print files even if you haven't designed them yourself. Head over to Thingiverse and browse their collection of freely available prints.

If you want to learn 3D modeling, we recommend the following free programs and trainings:

  • SketchUp: Good for your first experience thinking in 3D
  • OnShape: When you want to start precisely sizing and dimensioning your creation


Email studiolab@princeton.edu with “3D Print-by-Mail” as the subject line.


Your Information

Your Address

Shipping Address

Your Print

Multi-part submissions must be uploaded as individual STL files (not a batch STL file). Desired quantities can be indicated in the "Project Description" above. If your file is larger than 10 MB or uses another format (OBJ, etc.), then email studiolab@princeton.edu with the subject line "3D Print-by-Mail" to coordinate a file transfer method.
Maximum 5 files.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: stl.
50 MB limit per form.