StudioLab Courses

STC/EGR/MUS 209: Transformations in Engineering and the Arts (STL/LA)

Faculty: Naomi Leonard, Maria GarlockSigrid M. Adriaenssens , Adam Finkelstein , and Jeffrey O. Snyder

This course will examine transformations between visuals, sound, structure, and movement. This course explores the notion of generative art, and investigates the parallels between design processes in engineering and the arts. Students will learn to work as artists and engineers, and will create ambitious open-ended design projects exploring these themes.

Taught by faculty from CST, COS, MAE, MUS, CEE along with visiting artists, and guest faculty from the Lewis Center for the Arts.

STC/EGR/MUS 309: Independent Design in Engineering and the Arts

Faculty: David Bengali

STC 309, also known as “Creative Kitchen,” is a forum for students to explore and intensively workshop an idea for an independent, creative, technology-related project through serious play. Serious play refers to an array of playful inquiry and innovation methods that serve as methods for problem-solving, creation, and exploration. Serious play methods include, but are not limited to: improv theater, low-fidelity rapid prototyping, gamification, and audience engagement. In this course we will question the presentation of narrative, discover how to use methods of serious play in order to explore ideas, and root/examine projects in storytelling (which can itself take many, non-traditional forms).

THR/STC 210A/THR/STC 210B: Storytelling with Technology for Performance

Faculty: David K. Bengali 

Telling stories through performance is human nature, but how can we use technology to enhance, frame, or reveal new perspectives on stories told? Students will learn about tools and techniques from design professionals, and will engage directly and collaboratively with technology to design experiences focused around live performance. Areas covered may include projections and multimedia, lighting, interactivity, and programming for creative applications. This class hopes to bring together students with arts and STEM backgrounds, and does not require prior experience.

STC/HIS/MOL/HUM 297: Transformative Questions in Biology

Course Faculty: Angela N. H. Creager and Paul A. Durst

The course will teach core principles of the life sciences through a set of key questions that biologists have sought to answer over the past 200 years. We will read historic scientific publications, discussing the basic biology at stake as well as what enabled each scientist to see something new. In addition, we will schedule several hands-on sessions with relevant materials. By situating key findings in their place and time we show how science is an inquiry-based, concrete, and ongoing activity, rather than codified and unchanging knowledge. Topics include cell theory, evolution, experimental embryology, genetics, and molecular development.

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