Raspberry Pi Kits

The Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable single-board computer used by hobbyists, students, and computer scientists. It's an excellent platform for learning Linux operating systems, computer networking, electronics, and programming. The Pi's popularity (over 30 million sold) has lead to a massive online community and a wealth of resources for self-guided learning.


The Best Pi Kit Ever

Assembling a kit for the Pi is a challenge due to its modular design. What to include is highly dependent on the user and what their goals are. For novices, deciding what to purchase can be an anxiety inducing experience. There are hundreds of Pi kits on the internet and many appear to only vaguely address a user's needs.

StudioLab's solution was to create a self-contained kit that allows for immediate and comfortable access to all the features of the Raspberry Pi. This ultimately meant including a high-quality version of everything, pre-installing some of our favorite programs, and packing it all in a cute carrying case. We hope you like it.

What's Inside

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with Case
    • 5V DC 3.5A Power Supply
    • 32 GB SD Card (StudioLab OS)
    • 32 GB SD Card (Blank)
    • Micro SD Card Reader
  • 13.3" 1920x1080 Monitor
    • 12V 2A Power Supply
    • HDMI → Micro HDMI Cable
    • USB-C Cable
  • USB Mouse and Pad
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB NES Gamepad
  • Electronics Kit
  • Carrying Case

Kit Tutorial Videos

We produced a few brief tutorial videos to introduce you to the basics of the kit. There's so much that can be done with a Pi, so please let us know what kind of video we should make next. 

Wave Checkouts

StudioLab has 18 Pi kits and we lend them out all at the same time in waves. This means that you'll be starting your Pi-venture with 17 other people doing just the same. As part of borrowing a kit, we ask that you attend one meeting where you'll get a chance to meet everyone and learn how StudioLab can support you on your quest.

Reserve a Kit

Upcoming Checkout Periods

Spring I - 4 Weeks

  • Ship: Friday, February 12
  • Meeting: Friday, February 19
  • Return: Friday, March 19

Spring II - 4 Weeks

  • Ship: Friday, April 2
  • Meeting: Friday April 9
  • Return: Friday, May 7

StudioLab OS

Single-board computers like the Pi are cool, but you know what's even cooler? Linux, baby. StudioLab OS is our variant on the Raspberry Pi Operating System. It's basically the same thing except with our favorite software pre-installed and our logo as the desktop wallpaper. It's nothing fancy, but we think of it as a playground of neat programs for you run to wild in. And that's kind of what we are all about at StudioLab.