The laser cutter is a fantastic and easy to learn tool for 2D digital fabrication. As its name implies, it uses a focused beam of energy to cut and engrave materials. Paper, cardboard, acrylic, and most woods can be used with our cutter and lend a professional feel to your prototypes. Unlike 3D printers, the laser cutter can process jobs much faster, making it an ideal choice for your rapid prototyping needs.

For safety reasons, Training is required prior to using the laser cutter. After you've done that, you'll be able to make one hour long reservations on the machine. Are technicians are always available to help too. 





We provide many materials free of charge. You're also welcome to bring your own materials for cutting, but there are limitations. Some materials can damage the machine or produce dangerous corrosive fumes. Always speak with a StudioLab Technician before cutting.

Allowed Banned
Wood 3D Prints
Acrylic PVC
Paper Styrofoam
Fabric Polystyrene
Leather Polycarbonate
Matte Board Mirrored Surfaces
Ceramic Foam Core
Cork Corrugated Cardboard

Software and File Types

The laser cutter can print from PDF, DXF, SVG, and AI file types. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to create designs and saving them as AI or SVG. Other software can be used with the laser cutter, but our staff has only been trained to support these standards.

Program About
Illustrator 2D Vector Drawing
Inkscape Open Source Alternative
AutoCAD 2D CAD Design
Fusion 360 3D CAD Design
Rhino 3D Parametric Modeling