3D Printing

3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology for fabricating physical objects from digital models. If that's not exciting enough, the process is fast, cheap, and beginner-friendly.

3D Print-by-Mail Service

Our 3D Print-by-Mail Service helps you print models that our machines can't handle. We'll consult you on the details of your project and then find a vendor to produce your print.

CNC Milling

CNC machines create 3D objects by milling away at material until the form is revealed. Unlike 3D printing, CNC mills can use a variety of materials for model making. 

Craft Cutter

The craft cutter is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get started with CNC. Unlike our other tools, it requires no technical knowledge to operate.

Critical Play Collections

Games are important cultural artifacts for conveying the human experience. StudioLab encourages our creative practitioners to find inspiration in play. 

Electronics Station

Electronics comprises the physics, engineering, technology and applications that deal with the emission, flow and control of electrons in vacuum and matter.[1] It uses active devices to control electron flow by amplification and rectification, 

Equipment Checkout

Interested in exploring off-the-shelf immersive media tools? Check out this fun starter kit, featuring an overview of introductory level technology for 360 video, VR content creation, and real time 3D capture!

Laser Cutting

The laser cutter uses a focused beam of energy to cut and engrave materials. It's a fantastic and easy to learn tool for 2D digital fabrication.

Performance Space

StudioLab's performance space is used by students, staff, and faculty in developing work that blends the physical and digital worlds.

Raspberry Pi Kits

The Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable single-board computer. Its popularity has lead to a massive online community and a wealth of resources for self-guided learning.

Sewing Machines

Whether you consider sewing and textiles to be a pastime, hobby, craft, art, or an essential skill, StudioLab is here to support you and your projects.