Creativity in the Lab

3D Software

CST 3D StudioLab

Our Silhouette ModelMaker software allows you to start with an arbitrary 3D geometry and decompose it into a flat paper pattern that can be folded back up to form the original 3D object.  Our Silhouette Cameo vinyl/paper/fabric cutter can then automatically cut the flat pattern (even including scoring for the folds and automatically-generated tabs to fasten all the folds together!)  Our first successful use of ModelMaker was this cute gift box!

Robot Cars

Summer interns from the MAE department visited the StudioLab in June 2018 to work on assembling a smart Arduino-controlled robot car, that beams real-time first-person-view video back to a phone app!robot carrobot car phone app

Laser Cutter

CST StudioLab Laser Cutter

Henri Hammond-Paul, a first year masters student in the Woodrow Wilson School, made a Settlers of Catan board on the laser cutter.

Kinect Projector Toolkit

Gene Kogan’s “Kinect Projector TookKit.

CST StudioLab      CST StudioLab
Aatish and Sharon scanned themselves using the Kinect and “Skanect”, a software that allows you to scan your body with the Kinect.

Dymaxion Map

CST StudioLab Tools

StudioLab Super User, Shawn Cheeks lasercut, etched, and assembled a Dymaxion Map or “Buckminster Fuller Map”; a projection of the world map onto the surfaces of an icosahedron.