Creativity in the Lab

3D Software

CST 3D StudioLab

Our Silhouette ModelMaker software allows you to start with an arbitrary 3D geometry and decompose it into a flat paper pattern that can be folded back up to form the original 3D object.  Our Silhouette Cameo vinyl/paper/fabric cutter can then automatically cut the flat pattern (even including scoring for the folds and automatically-generated tabs to fasten all the folds together!)  Our first successful use of ModelMaker was this cute gift box!

Laser Cutter

CST StudioLab Laser Cutter

Henri Hammond-Paul, a first year masters student in the Woodrow Wilson School, made a Settlers of Catan board on the laser cutter.

Dymaxion Map

CST StudioLab Tools

StudioLab Super User, Shawn Cheeks lasercut, etched, and assembled a Dymaxion Map or “Buckminster Fuller Map”; a projection of the world map onto the surfaces of an icosahedron.