Student Resources

For Students, the CST 

  • Offers and supports innovative, interdisciplinary courses that appeal to a variety of student interests;
  • Provides undergraduate and graduate student funding via SAFE for student organizations and/or student projects that align with the CST’s mission;
  • Oversees the StudioLab, a 2500 sq. ft. creative technology space  that promotes community and allows everyone, regardless of their prior experience, to create, design, and play;
  • Sponsors a wide range of events, including lectures, symposia, workshops, and StudioLab Cafés;
  • Awards the Gregory T. Pope Prize for science writing;
  • Welcomes students’ ideas and suggestions via the CST Student Advisory Board;
  • Supports student training and mentorship through student employment, University Administrative Fellows (UAF – graduate students only), and CST Communication Fellows).