By Marina Mancoridis '24, Sam Kagan '24, Annie Rupertus '25


This piece is a maximalist mixed media interplay between orderly restraint and boundless chaos. An abstract map, it chronicles three experiences of one day on campus by overlaying geolocation records on diverse visual elements. In speaking through disparate mediums and seemingly unconnected objects, the work seeks to dizzy and overwhelm the viewer while simultaneously presenting common, uncomplicated memories. Every image and object relates, in some capacity, to the lives of the artists in a singular 24-hour period.


Data, Textile, and the Upcycled

By Ananya Grover '24, Evan Haley '24, and Luke Shannon '24

Data, Textile, and the Upcycled STC 209 final project

Questioning the one-sided corporation-consumer dynamic and sustainability practices of branded clothes, our project aims to reclaim corporate refuse and get full ownership of our objects by creating a methodology for upcycling. Our medium is our message. The project consists of a full outfit of upcycled pieces from four brands – Urban Outfitters, Vans, Fiorucci, and Uniqlo – which have been upcycled with canvas patches. The embroidered patches with paw print, hand and flower motifs convey information about the brand’s ethical rankings on how they treat animals, labour, and the planet respectively. The typographic patches are plotted on to the fabric and directly call attention to lesser known public information on their sustainability practices through annotated text, word clouds, and poetry. Patches with embroidered generative art designs are more abstract – these signify our own tag after upcycling the piece.


From the Invisible to the Visible

Nobline Yoo '23, Sreeta Basu '24, Jackie Chu '22

Final Project for STC 209

Our project seeks to transform the invisible into the visible, the invisible vibrations of air molecules into visible vibrations of positrons and electrons, sound into light. 


though it may feel real this is all a memory

By Alexander Morasvick '23, Isabella Pu '23, Molly Trueman '24

Have you ever listened to a live music performance and relived it in your dreams? Over and over, until sounds blended together, until all that you’re left with is a faint memory?


Breathing Skirt

By Rosemary Dietz '25, Payton Croskey '23, Sara Ryave '24

Biofashion and The State of Being “Natural”: Can the lines between technology and nature ever be clearly defined? Is there perhaps needed critique and questions lying in the blurred boundaries between what is “unnatural” and “natural”? In this project, our team has created a fashion object that is “unnatural” in both senses of the word: it is not composed of objects found in nature despite its leaves and greenery, and it is oddly performing the very alive action of breathing. When an inanimate object becomes animate, how does our relationship to it change?

What’s Poppin’? A Historical Muscento

Fatoumata Sow '22, Kathleen Li '24, Taylor Akin '23

When you watch What’s Poppin’, we aim to provoke you, the viewer, to question what pop means to you. What is it? Is it just what’s popular? Or is it a genre all its own? Or does it actually lie somewhere in between?What’s Poppin’ is a Historical Muscento. A Muscento (“mus-” from music, “cento” from the poetry form cento) is a collection of excerpts from different songs and pieces of music that approaches music from a poetic lens. Our piece is a Historical Muscento because it incorporates historical clips and deliberately spans the music of more than one era.