By Claire Dong '21, Ioana Teodorescu '21, Catherine Yu '22

In the original myth of Icarus, a boy falls to his death when his reckless upwards flight results in the failure of his mechanical wings. Through the medium of digital models and the project summary.

DISEMBODIED: Dancing in the Datascape

Molly Bremer '22 & Niara Hightower '22

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday our newsfeeds headline horrifying new statistics. Yet rarely are we asked to actually process what these numbers mean... read the project summary.

WikiWho: Globally Visualizing Live Anonymous Contributions to Wikipedia

Ilene E '21 and Nick Schmeller '21

The crowdsourced nature of Wikipedia creates fascinating patterns of emergent behavior that reflect how we as humans interact with our foremost modern source of knowledge. Read the project summary.

Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc

Matt Trotter '22 and Wendi Yan '23

Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc. addresses the ethics of cybernetic enhancement and challenges the players to reflect on human’s continuous quest for perfection and transcendence. Read the project summary.

KING OF THE TOWN: An Inaccurate Personality Test and a Living Comic Strip

Tyler Ashman '21, Monique Legaspi '22, Richard Ma '22

“King of the Town” is an interactive, living comic strip that also doubles as a poorly-executed personality test. In the spirit of BuzzFeed’s instant-personality the project summary.


Justin Chae '23, Mona Hassan '23, and Kevin Ramos '21

Inspired by the limitations of interaction from the global pandemic of 2020, Small World is a physical visualization of the Princeton community and the deeper connections that may not seem as apparent on the surface. Read the project summary.

Small World Final Project