Samples of Recently Funded Student Projects include:

Teen Vogue Summit
Design and Environmental Analysis of a Low-Carbon Origami Pavilion
Figments, Issue Eight
Two Lines of Research on the Intersection of Technology and Human Decision Making
Electric R/C Aircraft Flight Lessons
Self-Assembly System to Reduce Energy and Material Consumption of Construction
Funding for CoLab Exhibit regarding theater
How External Memory Storage Devices Affect Decision Making
Water management systems in Rural areas of Egypt
Princeton Course Planner
Princeton Course Planner: Mobile
RNA Localization and Development Symposium in honor of Dr. Elizabeth Gavis
Micromouse Winter Mini-Competition
Robotics Club Micromouse, Droid, and Drone Projects
Film: Humanities and Technology
Speaker Event with Dr. Gregory Di Russo
Baseline Labs: Initial Research and Development
HackPrinceton Spring 2020
HackPrinceton 2021
Figments, Issue Nine
The Politics of Climate Change Perceptions
Princeton Rocketry Club Summer Enrichment
XIe Lab Summer Fellowship
Princeton Sunda Rainforest Project
Princeton University Science Olympiad 2021
Christian Schade Independent Project
Princeton Racing Electric (PRE)
COSCon - Princeton’s student-run computer science contest.
Inspiring High School Students Interested in Engineering
Sushma Miryala presents at the ASC2022 Conference
Science Olympiad Tournament 2023
Bioethics Exchange
Traditional & Modern Metalwork and Metalsmithing Techniques Workshop
Timelike Entanglement
Careers in Blockchain
Princeton Astronomy Club
Thesis Assistance in Mexico
Funding for CHI23 Conference
Princeton Mechanical Keyboard Gang
The "Doctor to the Civil Rights Movement" and his Lifelong Mission to Improve Medical Care in the Nation’s Least Healthy State"
World Dental & Oral Health Congress (2023)