Here is my brief report for the generous funding I received from CST. I have used the funding to explore and expand my knowledge of radiation science and an innovative digital and field-based pedagogy.  

I took a radiation safety certificate course at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University with the funding. Moreover, through my summer research, I was able to strengthen my course, "ANT446/EN364 Nuclear Things and Toxic Colonization," by identifying and acquiring texts on radioecology and radiobiology. Two critical books I found and used for the revised course are the following: Eugene Odum "Fundamental of Ecology." Hall, J. Eric, and Amato J. Giaccia, "Radiobiology for the Radiobiologist 8th ed." These texts helped the course to better address the intersection between social sciences and STEM. Unlike the first time I taught the course, the students become more competent in reading and employing the terminologies of the science of radiation (i.e., diff in Gray, Rad, and Sivert, or the Linear Non-Threshold model vs. the threshold model). The enrollment doubled from 10 to 22, and there were students from six different disciplines who took the course. Students' diverse expertise and interests allowed the course to be truly interdisciplinary in-class discussions and a group project (see example attached). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I was not able to let students engage in an environmental monitoring activity (exploring the ambient radiation level of Princeton Campus) I planned. I was also unable to implement a VR session to investigate the Chernobyl accident. I will try exploring these planned options for the future iteration of the course. In this version of the course, the students responded well with a guest lecture from the Environmental Health and Safety, who discussed Princeton's history with nuclear things. 

Ryo Morimoto 
Assistant Professor 
Director of Undergraduate Studies Department of Anthropology 
Princeton Environmental Institute
Associated Faculty , The Program in History of Science
Associated Faculty, Department of East Asian Studies
2019-21 Forbes College, Faculty in Residence, Princeton University 
2020-2021 Fellow, The Institute for Advanced Research, The School of Social Science 
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo