Past Award Recipients

2017 Prize Winner

Steffen Seitz, Philosophy

Feature Article: 
"The Wine Menu from Hell: The Schmidt Insect Sting Pain Index."

2016 Prize Winner

Rebecca Tang, Molecular Biology

Feature Article: 
Manjul Bhargava: The Midas of Mathematics

News article:
Reflections from the Ebola Crisis: The fall of vaccine development

Opinion Article:
In Defense of Angeline Jolie

2015 Prize Winner

Dayton Martindale - Astrophysics - for his three submissions: Begging for Planets, HAT in Hand, Star Cross'd Part I,  and Star Cross'd Part II.

2014 Prize Winner 

Lauren Wyman - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Profile of Professor Tullis Onstott in her paper entitled "Finding the Hell-Worm"

2013 Prize Winners

1st Prize - Tara Thean - Collection of journal entries entitled "Scientist at Work:  A Bottlenose Dolphin Field Journal" and an article "Citizen Calls" 

2nd Prize - Emily Trost - For two submissions, a profile of Gerta Keller entitled "Dirty Science" and a class paper "As the Smoke Still Rises" 

3rd Prize - Jeffrey Chen - For two submissions, a profile of Dr. Frances Ashcroft entitled "Love, Fran:  The Spark of a Lifelong Diabetes Researcher," and an article "A Sea Creature that can outlive you...Three times over." 

Honorable Mention - Maia ten Brink for her profile of Michael Graziano entitled "Michael Graziano:  Experimental Writer" 

Honorable Mention - Abigail Greene for her profile of Janet Monge entitled "Skeletons in our Past:  One Anthropologist's Quest to Make Human Evolution Accessible to us all."