StudioLab Graduate Assistant
StudioLab - Fine Hall, Room B08
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Middlesex University
BA of Interior Architecture
Masters in Business Administration


Vaida Kidykaite is an architectural designer and artist, whose work is inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature. With a background in architecture, she has honed her skills in creating high-end, boutique homes/interiors and now focuses on building envelopes, massing, and designs. Her oil paintings are a reflection of her deep appreciation for gradients of light and modernist architecture. 

In addition to painting, Vaida is passionate about creating interactive installations that integrate nature, light, and architectural forms, and textures. She is drawn to designing pathways that encourage people to get lost in space, meditate, and feel inspired. 

In her leisure time, Vaida loves cycling and her fascination with astronomy fuels her exploration of the cosmos. From observing celestial phenomena to delving into the intricacies of observatory design, she immerses herself in understanding the universe's vast complexities.

Vaida's body of work fuses architecture, technology, and art. Her designs not only serve practical functions but also evoke a profound aesthetic resonance with a diverse audience. Through her innovative perspective and unwavering dedication, Vaida has solidified her reputation as a visionary artist and designer, enriching the built environment with her distinctive creativity.

What's your concentration?

Where are you from?
Originaly, I am from Lithuania

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
I love meeting new people. Being part of the StudioLab is a very exciting opportunity to test and learn new tools, and machines as well as see the extent of the potential.

What’s the most incredible project you’ve ever seen?
I am very fascinated by the drawing machine in the StudioLab. I saw a cool drawing done on white textured paper with a thin black pen. 

Do you have any heroes or mentors?
I guess the "Desert X" event is like a hero to me. It's an art event that happens every second year in Palm Springs, California. I would love to participate one day. 

Have you been working on any special projects lately?
I have been working on architectural projects, but I would love to do a project with CNC machines and test different materials, like clear acrylic and others. I am very excited to see what happens! 

Where should beginners start at StudioLab?
My first step would involve diving into laser-cut training and exploring the array of training opportunities available through Studio Lab. The team at StudioLab is amazing, I would not hesitate and approach anyone to get any help you need.