Treena Arinzeh

Biomedical Engineer

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania; Bioengineering

MSE  Johns Hopkins University; Biomedical Engineering

B.S.  Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Mechanical Engineering


Field of Study: Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

This scientist is most known for...Contributions to the field of mechanobiology including tissue engineering of bone (using stem cells and ceramics in large bone defects without the immunosuppressants)

Active Research Era: 21st, 20th century

Race or Ethnicity: Black or African American

Gender Identity: Woman

Country of Origin: United States of America

Affiliated Institution(s)/Place(s) of Work:

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University 

Related Princeton Course(s)

  • CBE 262
  • CBE 440
  • FRS 127
  • MOL 101

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