StudioLab Technician
StudioLab - Fine Hall, Room B08

I’m Maddie, Class of 2026. When I first came here, and while I was applying to schools, I was undecided on what track I wanted to go down. In high school, I was heavily geared toward STEM, but towards senior year, as I made more and more art, I began to question my reasoning as to why I should limit myself to a career in science. Now, I have finally decided I am meant to be an artist, and I could use my skills acquired by my science background to my advantage. I have been painting with oils for about four years, and have done extensive work with linocut prints. I have also delved into textile art, fashion, and installation, and hope to explore those more in the future. I also love to read almost anything and write poetry, and listen to music (especially WPRB).

What's your concentration?
Visual Arts

What other projects or groups are you part of at Princeton?
Social Media and Live Set Manager for WPRB

Where are you from?
Port Charlotte (SouthWest Coast on the Gulf of Mexico), Florida

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
I love that the environment of studiolab is geared towards both STEM and art project production. I have done many projects in this intersection of science and art, and want to continue to do so; so working at StudioLab is the perfect place! 

Have you been working on any special projects lately?
I am working on a seamless sling bag, so all the seams are on the inside and it is only two pieces of fabric- a front and a back (includes the handle). It includes a mixture of machine and hand sewing.