StudioLab Technician
StudioLab - Fine Hall, Room B08

What's your concentration?
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

What other projects or groups are you part of at Princeton?
Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton Rocketry Club, and Club Baseball

Where are you from?
Tokyo, Japan!

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
I really enjoy making things and StudioLab is the perfect environment to share the passion with others.

What’s the most incredible project you’ve ever seen?
Someone was making their own ergonomic mouse and keyboard and I thought it was brilliant.

Do you have any heroes or mentors?
I really look up to Sam Altman's leadership style and vision.

Have you been working on any special projects lately?
Last semester I spent a lot of time on a Search and Rescue Robot that we designed and built from scratch for MAE322. This semester I've been working on a PID pressure controller that maintains a positive internal argon pressure of a lithium-handling glovebox for my thesis.

Where should beginners start at StudioLab?
3D printing is good fun and easy to get into. Some of my friends have also enjoyed making DIY decor for their room, such as neon light signs.