StudioLab Technician

Where are you from?
Beaverton, Oregon

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
I want to work at StudioLab to work on exciting projects and become more familiar with the tools available. All the tools at StudioLab fascinate me and I hope to be able to help others feel a sense of excitement in making projects as well.

What’s the most incredible project you’ve ever seen?
Ten years ago, Corning made a "A Day Made of Glass" video to share what their vision for the future looked like. The video was spectacular back then and it is incredible to see the predictions come to life one-by-one. I dream of living in a world like the one portrayed in the video one day.

What's your favorite part about working at StudioLab?
The hands-on experience and opportunities to learn. There is a wide variety of tools at StudioLab and I hope to be able to try out every tool before I graduate!

Where should beginners start at StudioLab?
Start with whatever catches your eye! Let your imagination take control of you and freely express yourself. Don't let your current abilities limit you in any way. We are here to train you and help you along the way to creating new and amazing things.