RadLab Coordinator

Where are you from?
I am from São Paulo, Brazil.

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
My favorite place at my high school was the Maker Lab, not just because of the awesome machines, but because it was always filled with interesting people and bustling energy. The maker community is a space where my creative, inventive and sometimes chaotic personality can find a home. That's why I joined StudioLab.

What’s the most incredible project you’ve ever seen?
In 2020 a friend and I built a household recycling appliance that grinds waste, mixes the fragments with a resin, and then 3D prints objects with the mixture. Seeing our very rough invention work for the first time was pretty cool!

What are you working on this semester?
This semester I am working on coordinating Rad Lab, a series of very low-key talks where students can share their experience, ideas, and projects with the Princeton community.

Where should beginners start at StudioLab?
They should probably start by signing up for training for the different awesome machines in the space!