StudioLab Graduate Assistant
StudioLab - Fine Hall, Room B08

Texas Tech University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture


I am currently a second-year Master of Architecture student enrolled in a three-year program. My motivation for pursuing this program stems from my aspiration to become a registered architect and ultimately establish my own architectural firm. I envision operating a firm engaged in designing and constructing projects both within the United States and Mexico.

What's your concentration?

What other projects or groups are you part of at Princeton?
Princeton SOA Radio

Where are you from?

Why did you want to work at StudioLab?
I am drawn to the facilities it offers. The comprehensive array of equipment available to students, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and sewing machines, facilitates the realization of design concepts. As an architecture student, I find particular joy in model making, and StudioLab's resources enable me to integrate advanced technology into my creative process. This environment empowers students and me to explore innovative design solutions and transform them into tangible constructions.