Field of Study Physics, Electrical Engineering

This scientist is known for... optics and semiconductor laser technology and the development of quantum cascade lasers (a type of semiconductor injection laser)

Related Princeton Course

  • EGR151

Active Research Era: 20th/ 21st century

Affiliated Institution(s)/Place(s) of Work:

  • University of Innsbruck,  M.Sc. in Physics
  • Technical University of Vienna, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering  
  • Bell Laboratories, Post-Doctoral Member of Technical Staff, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
  • Princeton University, Professor of Electrical Engineering


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Quantum laser pioneer and acclaimed teacher, Claire Gmachl, elected Optical Society Fellow | Electrical and Computer Engineering.…

Innovator Under 35: Claire Gmachl, 34 - MIT Technology Review.


Nominated by Franchesca Doell