Itsy Bitsy Spider

Helen Lin '18 and Mariah Wilson '18

The Itsy Bitsy Spider pop up book is meant to be a way of reflecting on a classic childhood nursery rhyme. Both the visuals and the structure are loose interpretations of the original text and highlight our reimagining of the story due to our current physical and social states. The addition of the LEDs and complex pop ups work as a way to represent our shifting psyche from childhood to adulthood. This book is meant to be a reflection on the ways in which we have developed and a way to process/exacerbate that development. Although the book mimics a children’s book, we hope to highlight the

The pop up book is meant to be viewed in a “circular” fashion, a never ending loop, that forces the reader to disengage, whereas the lights and interactive elements on each page ask the viewer to stay engaged. This tension is where the reader is most able to reflect on their memories of childhood and the ways in which we have transformed in response to our childhoods. Each page of the book is comprised of multiple layers featuring the pop up elements, the circuitry, and the external designs as way to build a seamlessly interactive textual work.