Playing Pretend with Projection

Wendy Ho ‘21 & Victoria Pan ‘21

Our project, ​Playing Pretend with Projection​, harkens back to the time of childhood where we played pretend, allowing our childhood imaginations to run free and explore all the possibilities of what we could be or become. This project transports us back into the past, the simple yet complex projections evoking a sense of nostalgia, as we explore the shape-making and composition in one of the most rudimentary ways –––– elementary line drawings scrawled out in twenty seconds or less. We strive to answer the question of creating an installation that allows people to re-experience their youthful imagination —— ​how can two bodies interact with each other in a way that brings them closer to the shared experience of childhood?​ We hope to re-inspire that sense of childhood wonder through discovering other modes of representation and encourage the contortion of the body in conversation with other bodies and the surroundings that was once so natural as a child.

The initial inspiration for this project came from Quick, Draw!, “the world’s largest doodling dataset” compiled as part of a game built with a neural network to aid in the advancement of A.I. experiments and machine learning research. The beauty of the dataset is lies within its vastness and collaborativeness –––– people from all around the world contribute to the dataset that stores how hundreds of thousands of people draw everyday objects, from an apple to a house to a dog.

We invite participants to come up two at a time to interact with our project. We will first ask participants to form some kind of pose related to a noun in the Quick, Draw! Dataset and then ask them to hold it for a few seconds while our program projects objects into the shape of their silhouette onto them.