CST was thrilled to host Dr. Geerat Vermeij ’68 on October 18th and 19th. Dr. Vermeij is a Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at UC Davis, and studies the evolution of ocean-dwelling organisms that have shells, including mollusks and bivalves.

He was a panelist at the CST and Princeton University Art Museum event “The Enduring Allure of Seashells: Conchology and Art,” in which he spoke about how he studies and appreciates the aesthetics of shells with his hands—his way of seeing and understanding them as he has been blind since the age of three. Other panelists included Bryan Just, Peter Jay Sharp, Class of 1952, Curator and Lecturer in the Art of the Ancient Americas; Andrew Hamilton, Lecturer, Art of the Ancient and Colonial Americas; and Veronica White, Curator of Academic Programs. CST Associate Director Catherine Riihimaki moderated the event. 

Dr. Vermeij also spoke at the Environmental Geology and Geochemistry seminar in the Department of Geosciences on “Land and Sea: Contrasts in Evolutionary History.”