by kgalvin
What else might Physical Thinking look like?
by capizzi
A month long workshop to challenge our perception of incarceration.
by capizzi

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CST partnered with the Department of Music on February 24, 2017 for a live radio event on how our minds remember and forget.
by kgalvin

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Much of climate change is invisible to us. The “smoke” you see coming out of smokestacks is not carbon dioxide, which is transparent in visible light, but a combination of water droplets and soot.
“A Call to Bridge Science, Storytelling, and Ethical Reflection…” Spring 2017:  Thursday 1:30-4:20pm
CST StudioLab:  B08 Fine Hall

by capizzi
Mary Roach is a New York Times bestselling science writer whose work has explored the limits of thehuman body.
Women from the Class of 2021 gathered to hear from panelists about their experiences being Women in STEM fields.
The National Science Foundation recently awarded an Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grant (DUE 14-32426) to Prof. Maria Garlock (Principal Investigator), Dr. Evelyn Laffey (Co-Principal Investigator), and Dr. Aatish Bhatia (Senior Personnel).