Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020
The recipient of the 2020 Pope Prize for Science Writing is Ben Weissenbach '20.
Thursday, Jul 23, 2020
Thank you to all of the participants for joining the CST's inaugural Rube Goldberg ® Challenge! Read more here...
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020

In the first of our “Winding Path to Academia” series, Professor Brian Kernighan *69 joined us to talk about his journey from undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto and graduate work at Princeton to a career at Bell Labs, and his transition from research to undergraduate education...

Friday, Feb 14, 2020
Turning a childhood love of frogs into a battle with one of the largest pesticide companies is some people’s dream, others’ nightmare, and Dr. Tyrone Hayes’ reality. He told his life story as a distinguished speaker in CST’s Evnin Lecture series
Monday, Feb 3, 2020
Catherine Riihimaki's workshop, "The Lab, Reimagined" facilitated discussion on how to reimagine a traditional science or engineering lab.
Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019
The Living at the Intersection Symposium (LIS) 2020 will examine the topic of “Truth and Evidence” at the intersection of STEM and the arts humanities and social sciences.
Monday, Dec 16, 2019

We had a full house in the StudioLab on Friday for our “Learn how to Solder: Make a Light-up Snowglobe” Café. StudioLab Café Coordinator, Cynthia Vu instructed students on basic soldering techniques in order to create a circuit using a battery, a switch, and a small LED...

Friday, Nov 22, 2019

It was “standing room only” for our “Science of Food Preservation” StudioLab Café on November 22, 2019. Over 50 attendees learned about the microbiology of pickling from Robbie LeDesma (MOL-Ph.D.

Saturday, Nov 16, 2019

CST Executive Director, Sami Kahn, enjoyed a well-attended presentation and book signing at the National Science Teaching Association’s 2019 conference in Cincinnati, OH on Nov. 15-16. Dr.

Thursday, Nov 14, 2019

What do HIV infection and opioid addiction have in common? Rapid escalation in their spread across the US, use of needles as a primary means of delivery to the body, and stigma for those directly and indirectly affected.