Transformations in Engineering and the Arts

Friday, Nov 20, 2015
by elaffey

The Council on Science and Technology, in partnership with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Department of Music, and the Lewis Center for the Arts, is proud to present a new course: STC/EGR/MUS 209 Transformations in Engineering and the Arts. The course, which will be offered in Spring 2016, will engage students in exploring the parallels and intersections of design/composition in engineering and the arts, emphasizing a merging of artistry and systematic thinking. Students will use what they learn to create as engineer-artists and artist-engineers.   The course will be organized around four modules: A) Visuals, B) Sound, C) Structure and 4) Movement, led by faculty from COS, MUS, CEE, MAE with the participation of faculty from the Lewis Center for the Arts.  The modules will be unified through “transformations,” which engage the disciplines of engineering and the arts and allow the course to serve as an introductory experience for students of varying academic backgrounds.

Students interested in applying for for admission into the course should visit: For more information about the course, please contact Prof. Naomi Leonard

STC 209