Student Advisory Board Established

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019

The CST held its first Student Advisory Board (SAB) meeting on October 14th.  The lively discussion ranged from means of ensuring StudioLab access for student organizations to advising CST staff on efficient and effective ways of reaching students. The SAB is a group of 20 students representing an array of interests and concentrations who are eager to share their insights in support of the CST.  SAB member will meet periodically to provide advice and assistance to the CST as we advance our mission.  This year’s SAB members are:

Daphne Barretto
Eli Berman
Douglas Seto Chin, Jr.
Sam Dale
Jacob Essig
Sophie Goldman
Michelle Ho
Jerry Huang
Richard Huang
Rohan Jinturkar
Gabriel Laniewski
Aaron Leung
Victoria Pan
Isabel Rodrigues
Yunzi Shi
Tara Shirazi
Elie Svoll
Autumn Tan
Cynthia Vu
Kaylin Xu