Living at the Intersection Symposium 2020

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019

Truth and Evidence

April 16 (evening) and 17 (all day)

  • The Living at the Intersection Symposium (LIS) 2020 will examine the topic of “Truth and Evidence” at the intersection of STEM and the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
  •  On the evening of Thursday, April 16, a welcome reception, showcase of works by students and faculty related to the symposium theme, and a performance will take place.
  • On Friday, April 17, a series of panels and presenters will highlight experts in their fields as they examine key questions such as, “What is data and how is it collected and communicated in different disciplines?” “What constitutes an evidence-based claim in various fields?” “How are data and evidence interpreted/misinterpreted/understood/misunderstood?” “How do we overcome these difficulties?”
  • Our keynote speaker will be Dan Fagin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the book,  Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation.