Evnin Lecture: Embracing Curiosity

by capizzi

Mary Roach in conversation with Robert Krulwich

is available to view online.


Sometimes simple questions have the most surprising answers.

Mary Roach is a New York Times bestselling science writer whose work has explored the limits of the human body. Her most recent book is Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War. By combining a humorous approach to her subjects with a probing curiosity, Mary communicates complex ideas and scientific research in a deeply engaging manner.

Robert Krulwich is a Peabody-award winning science journalist at WNYC and the co-host of Radiolab. He has devoted his career to bringing science to a wider audience by demystifying dense ideas, and highlighting the human stories behind the science.

Mary and Robert have a knack for uncovering fascinating stories in places no one thought to look, and asking questions that no one else thought to ask. Their works exemplify a uniquely personal, often humorous approach to communicating science. In this wide-ranging conversation, they'll reveal how they communicate complex ideas with simplicity, make the inaccessible accessible, and uncover the wonder and delight in everyday questions.

Join us for an enlightening and entertaining evening with Mary and Robert on October 10th!

Co-Sponsored with Council of the Humanities