CASCE Update

Disseminating the Creative Art of Structural and Civil Engineering (CASCE)

The National Science Foundation recently awarded an Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grant (DUE 14-32426) to Prof. Maria Garlock (Principal Investigator), Dr. Evelyn Laffey (Co-Principal Investigator), and Dr. Aatish Bhatia (Senior Personnel). The multi-institutional award involves Princeton University, Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Prof. Cris Moen) and the University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Prof. Sanjay Arwade) in collaborative research and programming that aims to advance the dissemination of the creative art of civil/structural engineering.


Two recent updates on the grant: 

(1) The second annual summer workshop for faculty from diverse colleges and universities was held at University of Massachusetts - Amherst. The purpose of the workshop was to understand the culture of various institutions, introduce courses that engaged students in learning about the creative art of structural engineering, and build a community of educators dedicated to CASCE. 
(2) Members of the Princeton University project team presented two papers on CASCE at the American Society for Engineering Educators Annual Conference: