Friday, Nov 15, 2019

What do HIV infection and opioid addiction have in common? Rapid escalation in their spread across the US, use of needles as a primary means of delivery to the body, and stigma for those directly and indirectly affected.

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019

The CST held its first Student Advisory Board (SAB) meeting on October 14th.  The lively discussion ranged from means of ensuring StudioLab access for student organizations to advising CST staff on efficient and effective ways of reaching students.

Monday, Jun 17, 2019
Dr. Sami Kahn has joined us as Executive Director of the Council on Science and Technology.
Wednesday, Jun 5, 2019

Congratulations to Madelyn Broome '19, the recipient of the 2019 Gregory T. Pope '80 Prize for science writing. The Pope Prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior for outstanding articles or papers on scientific topics written for a broad audience.

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019
Will Adler used the StudioLab lasercutter to cut and engrave his own beautiful, stackable organizers for some of his favorite board games.
Monday, Nov 18, 2019
Artist Kathryn Hamilton visited THR/STC 210A: Storytelling with Technology for Performance to demonstrate how she uses tools from biohacking and performance to explore current developments in...
Friday, Nov 8, 2019

You are a 19th century botanist, traveling through the Tropics to document the multicolored orchids found there. Unfortunately, specimens fade as they dry out, and paintings change color as they age. What to do? You create paint-by-number drawings that reference standard colors, so that scientists back home can recreate the vibrant colors seen...

Monday, Oct 14, 2019
The Class of 2023 learned about the numerous opportunities in STEM from a few of the many accomplished women faculty, students, and researchers.
Monday, Oct 7, 2019

We recently had musician, composer, and software engineer Christopher Tignor give a lecture and demo of his amazing generative compositions in the Studio lab for THR/STC 210A, Storytelling with Technology for...

Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019

Cynthia Vu '21, concentrating in English/Creative Writing, is our StudioLab Café Coordinator who facilitates discussions and presentations on Café Fridays from Noon-3:00 p.m. She created these lanterns in the lab inspired by a legend about a girl named Hoshi. Hoshi witnessed falling stars in the night sky and folded up paper ones to try and...