On November 28, 2023, the CST, along with co-sponsors GradFutures and Science Outreach, hosted several campus events highlighting the collaboration between astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter and SYREN Modern Dance Company.

At the "Science in Motion" Movement Workshop, students from the freshman seminar BodyBuilders were offered a guided opportunity to explore scientific theories of time through choreography in an extraordinary blend of science and art.

Dr. Sutter, together with Kate Sutter, co-artistic director, and choreographer, discussed the process of creating ‘Ticktock’ and shared their unique experience in collaborating between scientists and artists in a graduate student workshop over lunch. 

The visit culminated in a performance of their signature show, ‘Ticktock.’ Dr. Sutter narrated a tale of time - how it flows ever onward and can change under relativistic effects - while the SYREN Dance Company accompanied the narration with a dance to Mozart’s “Symphony No. 29.” After the performance, CST Assistant Director Erin Flowers facilitated a Q & A for the audience. In addition to Princeton University students, we were joined by the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton for a wonderful evening of science and dance.