Thanks to everyone who came out for another great night of Astronomy on Tap Trenton on October 18th! Once again, we had a full house and two inspiring talks. First, Erin Flowers, CST Assistant Director of STEM Education, discussed Saturn’s moon Titan, including why it’s a cool and interesting astrobiological target, and the upcoming NASA Dragonfly mission to study it. The second talk was by Josh Winn, Professor in Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton, who took us on a tour of exoplanets from science fiction to science fact: What are exoplanets, how are they detected, and how can we ultimately find planets just like our own. Join us again next month to learn how to take an image of a black hole and how we measure some of the lightest particles in the universe!

Save the Date! November 15th, 7 PM, Trenton Social