Teo Grosu ‘25 gave an excellent talk to the Princeton Astrophysical Sciences Department on his research this past Thursday as part of the department’s weekly ‘Thunch’ talk series. Teo has been working with CST Executive Director, Sami Kahn and CST's Assistant Director STEM Education, Erin Flowers to conduct a literature review - the first of its kind - on the status of astronomy and astrophysics education at the collegiate level. His presentation, titled ‘Astronomy Education Research 2013 - 2023: A Literature Review,’ was made before an audience of faculty, postdocs, grad students, and undergrads - all members of the astronomical community who have been affected by and who affect astronomy education. The audience was deeply engaged and even shocked at points with the results Teo presented, resulting in a lively discussion. Thunch presenters are typically more senior graduate students and postdocs, and we are very proud of Teo successfully speaking for the first time about his research. Congratulations Teo!