During the 2023 fall break, the freshman seminar "FRS127 Body Builders," led by CST Associate Director Penelope Georges, traveled to Athens, Greece. While in Athens, the students considered the connections between ancient Greek "techne" (craftsmanship or skill) and modern technology and how the concept of human enhancement has evolved over time, spanning from ancient myths to contemporary perspectives. Students were exposed to enriching experiences, including visits to renowned institutions such as the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, the Acropolis, the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, and the National Archaeologic Museum. Read more about the trip at the trip website along with a video compilation of the trip. A recent article by Carrie Compton from Princeton International highlighted the immersive travel experiences in the University's Freshman Seminar program for the fall 2023 semester, featuring trips to Japan and Georges' trip to Greece.