This year’s RadLab series continued with some exciting and well-attended programs. 

Engineers without Borders

Bryan Alfaro '24 and Helena Frudit '25 shared their experiences designing water systems for rural communities in Peru, Ecuador, and Kenya. Participants learned how to use the embroidery machine so they could come back to StudioLab to embroider t-shirts with the EWB logo or other designs.

3D Printed Puzzle Design

Kareem Jaber '26 shared his experience in solving and designing 3D-printed packing puzzles. He demonstrated cool and unexpected moves involved in the solving process and also taught presenters the basics of BurrTools and OpenSCAD.

Above the Sky with High-Altitude Balloons

Adin Kojic '25, shared the practical uses of high-altitude balloons, his experiences with hobbyist flights to the stratosphere, and what NASA is doing with balloons and their experiments.