The CST is pleased to announce that nine Princeton faculty and academic professionals have received funding for innovative course development/enhancement and co-curricular activities that align with CST’s mission of advancing STEM literacy at Princeton and beyond.  The recipients will implement their projects over the coming year and, in many cases, collaborate with CST Professional Specialists who will provide technical assistance.  The recipients of this year’s awards are:

  • Andrea Capra (HUM) - Course development - Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence: Fiction, Technology, Storytelling
  • Allison Carruth (AMS) - Project funding - Climate Stories Incubator
  • Michael Galvin (MAE) - Project funding - TigerSats - MAE Small Satellite Program/Lab
  • Jenny Greene (AST) - Course development -  A Gateway to Science: Observational Astronomy in the James Webb Era
  • Dan Marlow (PHY) - Course enhancement - Instructional Videos for PHY103 - General Physics I
  • Forrest Meggers (ARC) - Course enhancement - Beyond Immersive Education: Experiential learning of physics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer to the beat of music.
  • Julia Mikhailova (MAE) - Course development - Optics and Lasers: Building and Understanding Optical Systems
  • Daniel Rubenstein (EEB) - Project funding and course enhancement - Transforming the camera trap into a multi-factorial programmable sensor
  • Jeff Snyder (MUS) - Project funding - General funding for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) 

A sampling of past years’ awards can be found on CST's website. The next Annual Call for Proposals  will open in December 2023. Congratulations to all of the recipients!