Women in STEM Panel Discussion 2022

Last week, the CST hosted an amazing panel of women faculty, researcher, and student from various STEM departments to share about their academic journeys and give advice to students pursuing a degree in STEM at Princeton. Led by CST's Dr. Vivian Feng, our panelists included Prof. Christine Allen-Blanchette (MAE, CSML), Prof. Neta Bahcall (AST), Prof. Adji Bousso Dieng (COS), Prof. Liz Gavis (MOL), Prof. Marcella Lusardi (CBE), Dr. Maria Santos (MAE), Prof. Bridgett vonHoldt (EEB), and Sreeta Basu (Math, ’24). The student participants also got to enjoy informal conversations with the panelists over bubble teas and cupcakes after the panel presentations. The event provided a great venue for students to build professional networks and seek mentorship support at Princeton.