The Student Advisory Board Social Sciences and Life Sciences teams came together to organize a “Dinner and Discourse” event where team leaders Audrey Zhang ‘25 and Kenya Ripley-Dunlap ‘24 hosted 15 undergraduates at Thai Village for a lively conversation about the interconnectedness of art and science. This talk was facilitated by Princeton TAs Alfredo Velasco (COS) and Liam Elliot (MUS) who provided example works of artists and scientists such as Iris van Herpen and Dr. Ágnes Mócsy amongst others. At the end of the event, attendees took away that project-based learning is not only more efficient but also exciting, as well as that these two subject areas are more like two sides on a spectrum as opposed to distinct fields.

Additionally, the SAB Engineering team helped the CST grow its Scientist Spotlight database by hosting a study break where students were invited to come and submit nominations of their favorite scientists over brunch, as well as a successful boba giveaway that saw the spotlight gain more than 40 new nominations!