FRS 129 Goes to Kenya
Feb. 15, 2024

Last month, students from 

Magic Materials in the Ceramics Studio
Feb. 14, 2024

Students in MSE 200/STC 200 - Magic Materials taught by Kai Filsinger (PMI) experienced the hydroplastic properties of clays in the NCW ceramics studio.

A Million Miles Away Screening
Dec. 4, 2023

CST hosted a screening of the Amazon Prime film ‘A Million Miles Away’.

Origami Engineering Fills StudioLab
Dec. 2, 2023

The CST proudly hosted the fourth installment of “Origami Engineering" on Thursday, November 30th.

The Science behind Ceramics
Nov. 28, 2023

CST's Student Advisory Board learned about the science behind the ceramics-making process.

SYREN performs "Ticktock"
Nov. 28, 2023

The CST, along with co-sponsors GradFutures and Science Outreach, hosted several events highlighting the collaboration between astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter and SYREN Modern Dance Company.

Website Building
Nov. 27, 2023

CST’s Assistant Director, Erin Flowers, along with Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) Head Diversity Fellow, Amari Tankard held a workshop on how to create your own website.

Black Holes and Neutrinos at Astro on Tap
Nov. 15, 2023

Black holes and neutrinos were on "on tap" at the November Astro on Tap at Trenton Social.

Engineers, 3D Puzzles, and High-Altitude Balloon RadLabs
Nov. 15, 2023

This year’s RadLab series continued with some exciting and well-attended programs. 

Teo Grosu '25 presents Astronomy Education Research
Nov. 9, 2023

Teo Grosu ‘25 gave an excellent talk to the Princeton Astrophysical Sciences Department on his research as part of the department’s weekly ‘Thunch’ talk series.

Brainy Bites - Kimchi!
Nov. 8, 2023

CST hosted two events in the Brainy Bites series on the science and cultural significance of Kimchi.

EmBirdery! Analog Hour in the StudioLab
Oct. 26, 2023

Experienced and beginner embroiderers enjoyed a special edition of Analog Hour on Tuesday entitled Embirdery, focused on embroidering local birds.

FRS 127 goes to Athens
Oct. 26, 2023

During the 2023 fall break, the freshman seminar "

Titan and Exoplanets in Trenton
Oct. 25, 2023

We had another great night of Astronomy on Tap Trenton on October 18th with a full house and two inspiring talks by Erin Flowers and Josh Winn.

Astronomy on Tap Trenton
Sept. 22, 2023

It was a full house at Trenton Social, with a crowd of Astronomy on Tap veterans and new recruits.

Analog Hour: Celebrating Science Through Art and Conversation
Sept. 21, 2023

During Analog Hour, students hand-embroidered scientific images on canvas, and engaged in insightful discussions.

Lab Tales Goes to Odd Salon NYC
Sept. 19, 2023

Lab Tales alumni went to the event that started it all - Odd Salon NYC: HALLOW! The Odd Salon is a story-telling event that features “maps, boats, and SCIENCE!”.

StudioLab Open House
Sept. 14, 2023

70 Students and Princeton Community members joined us last Thursday for our annual StudioLab Open House-Let's Taco 'bout the StudioLab

Women in STEM Panel Discussion 2023
Sept. 8, 2023

Princeton undergraduate students joined a panel of women faculty from various STEM backgrounds in our annual Women in STEM panel on September 7th.


CST's Interdisciplinary Efforts Highlighted on Princeton Homepage
Aug. 10, 2023

On August 9, 2023, CST’s interdisciplinary approach to courses and programs was highlighted in a Princeton homepage article entitled, "What makes an engineer a Princeton engineer?" written by…

CST Supports Science Communication through Storytelling Workshops
Aug. 7, 2023

This summer, the CST hosted three science storytelling workshops to help researchers share their work with a wide variety of audiences.  Lab Tales welcomed 20 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from Princeton and other universities.  The participants…

Trekking Through Technical Texts
Aug. 3, 2023

CST’s Assistant Directors, Vivian Feng, and Craig Marshall, hosted a Trekking Through Technical Texts workshop for students participating in Princeton’s Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI) summer program.

Teaching Engineering with the PU Art Museum
Aug. 3, 2023

Veronica White, curator of teaching and learning of Princeton Art Museum and Penelope Georges of the CST were featured in the Summer 2023 issue of the PU Art Museum Magazine. 

CST Co-hosts Oppenheimer Screening
Aug. 3, 2023

The CST co-sponsored a private screening of Oppenheimer at the Princeton Garden Theatre along with the Center for Collaborative History and the Program on Science and Global Security.