Music Studies is at a crossroads. Despite that dialogue between scientific and humanistic approaches to the topic is critical for moving it forward, many barriers stand in the way of productive exchange. My co-editors and I saw one way to help the situation: developing a collection of essays that would reckon with the past and chart a collaborative future. It seemed daunting to persuade 18 scholars from diverse disciplines to contribute to this effort, but with CST’s support, we were able to convene them for a highly structured workshop. Each author submitted a chapter draft in advance, which was circulated to other authors. An appointed respondent from a different field led a conversation on each contribution. Authors then revised their chapter in light of these discussions. The end result is a truly pathbreaking volume, full of chapters that engage deeply with one another despite the disparate fields. We could not have held the workshop without CST’s support, and the exchanges that took place there were essential to creating a book that integrates the different perspectives, rather than merely cataloguing them. It was also critical to ensuring that the book was submitted promptly. Given the timeliness of the issues, we’re excited that it will appear soon and have the opportunity to shape the future of the field. 

This is a link to the finished product:

screenshopt of workshop participants