Mood Lights

by Dorothy Chen ’17, Ruting Li ’19, Serena Zheng ’17 

What’s up, Princeton?

We ask individuals to reflect on how they’re feeling by distilling a summary of their emotions today as a single color. We also offer an answer to the question: on top of Fine Hall, the highest point on Princeton’s campus, we have placed a collection of color changing light bulbs to display the colors that individuals have picked, a reflection of the collective campus mood. We created a website for users to pick colors that reflected their moods and used a Flux Go API for our backend to control the light bulbs.

When working with color and light, we wanted to create an installation that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also eye­catching and engaging. We ultimately settled on the top of Fine Hall for its visibility and on Flux lightbulbs for their dramatic effect. Flux lightbulbs also allowed us to explore the exciting realm of IoT technology, which presented fun challenges including programming the light bulbs, and matching the display color of the lightbulb to the color on the website. Earlier iterations of the project included using LED light strips and installing the display in different locations such as Frist or the Friend Center. From May 8 through May 11, the project is live from 8 pm to 4 am. Head over to our website and submit your color!