Merging STEM with the arts, humanities, and social sciences is a research-based approach to engaging all students in STEM.  The CST applies this transdisciplinary approach through courses and programs.

Origami Engineering

Origami Engineering acquaints the student with state-of-art concepts and algorithms to design and analyze origami structures.

Cyanotype Workshop

CST collaborated with Princeton’s Analog Photography Club for a cyanotype workshop where attendees learned how to turn translucent objects into beautiful cyan blue art pieces.

BirDiversity Art Exhibition

The BirDiversity Art Exhibition is a celebration of visual art, science, and ornithology in the Princeton University community. 

The Art of Science

The CST served as a sponsor for the 2023 Art of Science Exhibition

Forgery and Mimicry in Art and Nature

CST co-sponsored a public event in collaboration with the Princeton University Art Museum (PUAM) and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) that merged the arts and sciences under the unifying theme of mimicry and forgery.

STEM Cartooning Workshop

SAB member Raina Maldonado '26 demonstrated how she illustrates STEM topics in cartoon format by depicting scientific processes being performed by characters in a stepwise manner. 

The Drama Within: Embodying the Immune System on Stage and Screen

This freshman seminar, taught by Professor Andrea Graham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and playwright Ellen K. Graham, teaches students to convey scientific information about topics in immunology through theatrical performances. 

STEM and the Arts in the Classroom

Interdisciplinary courses blending the arts and sciences to enhance creativity and critical-thinking