The CST recognizes that STEM is an ideal context for promoting growth and provides programming that fosters professional and personal well-being through STEM for the Princeton University Community.

Our projects range from offering opportunities to explore professional competencies, to de-stress through low stakes programming, to research on pedagogical approaches to increase well-being - all through engagement with STEM.  Below is a sampling of some of our programs:

Professional Growth through STEM

Beyond the Majors

Beyond the Majors, is a program open to all first-year students designed to help students with choosing a major and why it needn't be the sole definer of their Princeton experience.

Princeton Bioethics Exchange

Promoting Ethical Awareness Among STEM Research Students

Lab Tales: A Science Storytelling Workshop

The Lab Tales workshop series is designed for graduate students from STEM disciplines to learn about science stories, how to integrate them into their research, and how to establish a stage presence and persona.


RadLab is StudioLab's low-key workshop series for sharing totally rad projects, ideas, and experiences.

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB is a group of students representing an array of interests and concentrations who are eager to share their insights in support of the CST.

Dinner and Discourse

Student-initiated dinners represent a unique opportunity for students to shape their academic experiences beyond conventional coursework.

Well-Being through STEM

Analog Hour

 Analog crafting for well-being and self-expression

Wonder Walk

Our Wonder Walk Series focuses on photography, nature, and scientific exploration.

Research on Wellbeing through STEM

CST is working with TigerWell to identify best practices for advancing well-being through STEM courses.